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Hoe de Panamezen de komst van de Nederlanders hebben ervaren

Voor de WJD-gangers was de reis naar Panama een onvergetelijke ervaring, maar hoe hebben de Panamezen de komst van 120 Nederlanders ervaren. Hierbij een verslag van Tony, de coördinator van de vertalers in Soná. Op deze plek verbleven we tijdens het voorprogramma van de reis.

New Experience

It all started, when Francisco Pope announced where the next World Youth Day would be. Panama being the chosen country for this world class event for the year 2019. The emotion of hundreds of Sonaeños was noticeable from all sides of the province. Since, for them this was a blessing from God. But, Sona needed to prepare to receive our pilgrims from the Netherlands.
On 1 January, we held the last meeting where I was chosen to be the coordinator of the team of translators. I have to say that I was nervous, since I knew that I had to be a big responsibility on my hands. But give my mind, my heart and my knowledge into the hands of God. asking him to help me successfully complete this test that he decided to assign me.
On 13 January , everything was ready to welcome the first group of Dutch brothers. After a mass, the people were waiting with great emotion, enthusiasm and a big party for the pilgrims. All the commissions were ready to carry out their work. Like the team of translators. Finally, the pilgrims arrived in the diocese and the people gave him the welcome with shouts, fireworks and hundreds of photos in the middle of a traditional dance called (papuja).
First at all, the excitement of the families who were going to receive the Dutch brothers was amazing. Because, despite being divided by the language barrier, it was a barrier that could be broken. And for them it was the first time they interacted with people from Holland. The days passed and the people of sona were very happy. Families could share different kinds of things, information, knowledge, stories, learn new words among many other things. They also shared time taking the pilgrims to beautiful places, for example: beaches, rivers, mountains, farms etc. and without a doubt, both classes really enjoyed the timeshare.
On the other hand, the day the cart ride was made the emotion and pride that the sonaeños felt, was incredible. I have no words to describe those feelings they carry inside, seeing how our Dutch brothers wore our traditional dress and even how they danced. All dancing behind the queen of the WYD. In fact, even I danced. And at first glance, you could see how the Dutch brothers adapted to the traditional dance. It was a great experience.
To conclude, for the people of this event will be marked forever in the hearts and minds of each. Because thanks to this new and great friendships were created. Also, they could learn many things from the country of Holland such as: Dutch dances, history, food, customs, cultures, and above all that Holland has the best cheese in the world. Among other things, they will remember the Dutch brothers. with feelings of pride, satisfaction, joy and enthusiasm forever, and from the people of sona and me, the doors of our houses will always be open to receive them the day they want to return again.
God bless you,

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